Janille Mariz A. Garduque

Philippines | - | Cagayan de Oro City

As an educator, artist, and advocate, I am deeply committed to supporting movements that empower both humanity and creation. My passion lies in expressing myself through the powerful mediums of words and art. Through my work, I strive to inspire positive change, foster creativity, and amplify the voices of those who may otherwise go unheard.

Qual a importância da arte em sua vida?

Art helps me to express myself, understand my journey and to advocate for justice and peace for the common good.

Como você acha que a Arte pode contribuir no fortalecimento da Cultura de Paz?

Art is a very powerful tool for healing, self expression and promotion of advocacies for social justice and peace.

Quais são os problemas ambientais que mais te preocupam?

In the Philippines, the climate crisis is very real. Due to El Niño, we are experiencing heat waves, leading to class suspensions in some highly affected areas. This seriously impacts the quality of education and the health of the general public. Another major concern is the ongoing abuse and degradation of our environment, despite the evident progression of the climate crisis. Lastly, I am concerned about the poor, who are vulnerable to typhoons and heat waves, and voiceless creatures losing their habitats and means of survival due to these environmental problems.

Na sua região, qual problema ambiental tem maior impacto em sua vida?

Over a decade ago, our city, Cagayan de Oro, was devastated by Typhoon Sendong, claiming numerous lives. This catastrophic event is one of the earliest signs of the progression of the climate crisis in our country. Over the years, the intensity and frequency of typhoons in the Philippines have increased significantly, posing greater risks to our nation. This year, there has been a concerning rise in the occurrence of wildfires across our country, and heat waves due to El Niño have had detrimental effects on the health and well-being of many Filipinos.

Na sua opinião, como a Arte pode aumentar a consciência das pessoas em relação aos problemas sociais,políticos, ambientais e humanitários?

There is no limit to what art can achieve. Personally, I use art as a tool to raise awareness. In my role as an educator, I teach and employ art to educate my students, collaborating with them to create works that bring attention to ongoing societal issues. Together, we aim to amplify our message and inspire the general public to engage with and address these important issues.

A Dream for A Sustainable Earth
A Dream for A Sustainable Earth

This art is born from my dreams and reflections on Creation: I dream of true sustainability for the Earth, its creatures, and humanity—a sustainability that harnesses technology and innovation for the collective benefit of our planet. I dream of a global education system that prioritizes social justice and the advancement of the common good as pathways to peace. I dream of families and educational institutions empowering and guiding younger generations toward a future that values creation and the planet. My hope rests in God and His work through people of goodwill. This ecological conversion is attainable when we journey, dream, and act together with God, taking small steps toward a more sustainable world—a world where everyone and everything is embraced and cared for as part of God's creation.

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