Art for Peace 2024

We invite artists to participate in the collective exhibition Art for Peace 2024!

The Art for Peace project, now in its seventh edition, is open for enrollment this year. It has attracted artists from various parts of the world, united in reflecting on the need to spread human values and build peace, thus creating a fairer, more equitable, and less violent society. Art and reflection have the power to dissolve cultural barriers, unite people, and disarm hearts.

Faced with so many wars, hate speech, intolerance, racism, environmental crisis, and climate catastrophes, the project Art for Peace aims to create a creative channel where people from different places can express their feelings of indignation, protest, concern and also of beauty, unity, and their desire for Peace to reach all corners of the world. We are realizing that the environmental issue has brought us serious situations, a negative and worrying impact in relation to the future of life on the planet, this motivated us to start a movement of Ecocitizenship, with the aim of carrying out direct actions, reflections and greater environmental awareness in our projects. Art, in its different forms of expression, can bring greater awareness and reflect on the moment we are experiencing. Therefore, this edition raises questions about environmental concerns that may be causing discomfort and danger in different places and communities. We hope to learn more about what is happening in your region through the profile questions. We plan to hold in October a Forum online where guests, participating artists and the public will be able to interact and strengthen the bonds and purpose of unity, cooperation and dialogue that guide our Fora da Caixa cultural collective. We will soon post the details.

The Art for Peace project is not a competition but rather an artistic celebration where participants will be able to express, through their talent, their perceptions about the moment we are living in on the planet.

The works will be exhibited virtually on our website. Subsequently, there will be online curation and voting. The selected works will be exhibited at the headquarters of the cultural collective Fora da Caixa and may even participate in traveling exhibitions in other places, cities, and countries. The proposal is to create a space for dialogue, reflection, criticism, and/or humor about the social, political, ecological, and ethical problems that we are facing as a society.

Registration can be individual or collective and will be open from March 1st to July 30th, 2024.

The exhibition may include: paintings, cartoons, illustrations, drawings, photos, and videos (audiovisual).